KW Zero
You dream of owning
a beautiful home,
may be  closer than you think.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans with the minimum 3% downpayment.
  • Government loans
  •  Conventional 
  • FHA loans
  • USDA
  • VA
Online Lenders Spend Millions on
- Nationwide TV Campaigns
- Internet Advertising
- Sport Arenas (Super Bowl Ads, etc.)
& Which You Also Pay In Fees
Zero Fees
  • Zero Origination Fees
  • Zero Underwriting Fees
  • Zero Processing Fees
  • Zero Application Fees 
  • Zero Lock Fees
How Can We Offer ZeroPlus Loans?
Why Pay Fees When You Don't Have To?
Traditional Lenders Spend Millions on
- Rents
- Sponsorships
- Marketing etc.
& Charge You For All Of It In Fees
$1000 toward 3rd party costs 
for loans over $150K
LOW, LOW Rates
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Text "KW4045KK" to 87778
Keller Zero Plus Loans Save Millions!
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Buyers can save THOUSANDS of dollars.
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Keller Mortgage is revolutionizing the mortgage process. We provide a technology solution with a sustainable model to save you thousands of dollars.

Loan officers are standing by ready to assist you in your loan application process.
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E. Henson
Using Keller Mortgage saved me from losing the house I wanted. With a very competitive seller's market in my area, I was forced to offer more than I was prepared for in order to get the house I wanted. 

Without Keller Mortgage waiving lender fees (and adding a lender credit on top of that!) I would not have been able to make the winning bid.

 In addition to making the purchase possible, their online tools made the entire process easy and the experience was way more pleasant than I would ever have expected!
S. Penny
I originally chose to get pre-approved through my bank. Then my realtor told me about Keller Mortgage. Not only did I get pre-approved with a lower interest rate than my bank, but they were going to give me additional credits during the closing process! Win-win! 

Everyone I worked with at Keller Mortgage was so knowledgeable and friendly I would recommend Keller Mortgage to all my friends and family since my experience with them was nothing but positive!
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